Cathedral Pines

Main Loop: 6 miles
Advanced Sections: 5.5 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Helmet & Eye Protection: Required
Optional: Green Key
Open Season: Year Round
Parking: Weekdays are free. $6 on weekends for Green Key Holders; $13 for everyone else.


The Cathedral Pines trail is located in the Cathedral Pines Suffolk County Park. This trail is open year round but occasionally closes due to muddy conditions. The trail itself is an 8 mile singletrack loop with a couple of double track sections here and there. Cathedral is relatively flat but the few short, punchy, hills require some tricky bike handling. The majority of the trail is twisty and covered with roots creating a unique technical requirement. Faster riders can complete the entire loop in 40 to 45 minutes. Many riders often do more than 1 loop. This is a fun trail to ride and is great if you are short on time.


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